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Sometimes the thing that’s right for you ain’t what you thought it was at first, or what other people are tellin’ you it is, or what you think you ought to be doin’.  I know my dad thought I ought to be in school, so I kept on goin’, and then I reckoned maybe art school was the way to go, so I went there – but in the end, writin’ songs and playin’ music took over my life.  You got to remember, though, that just because it’s what you want to be doin’, that don’t mean it’s goin’ to be easy.

Ask yourself if you’re ready to leave school and go off doin’ art for a living.  Are you goin’ to have enough money, a place to live, food to eat?  Are you goin’ to be able to make enough money to survive and still do what you love?  Is it goin’ to be worth it?  If the answers to those questions are all yes, then maybe you’re on the right track with leavin’ academics behind and goin’ after art.

If you aren’t sure you can make a living of it yet, maybe you want to try something else.  You could get a job or an internship in an art studio while you go to school and see if it’s really what you want to do with your life.  You could try doin’ art on the side for money and see how well it goes.  You could try switchin’ out of sociology and into art school to see if you got what it takes and if you reckon you can make a real go of it.

There’s two things you got to do with a problem like this.  You got to work out a way to survive, things like makin’ money and havin’ a place to sleep, and you got to work out how to live as well.  Surviving ain’t enough on its own to make you happy, but living ain’t enough on its own to keep you going.  It’s finding the bit in the middle that’s tough, but if art is really what you’re passionate about and what you want to go after with your life, then you’ll find a way to sort it out.  You just got to make sure you take the time to do a bit of that sortin’ out before you take off runnin’.

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